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Extreme Irritation
An_247608 posted:
I have had Irritation since I was a teen I'm 40 now. I cannot stand the sound of tapping,loud noises or to many noises going on at the same time,I get very mad real easy because of it. I hate the movies cause I need pure quiteness to watch and the samething at home. I have been on every type of depression to antisycotic drug . they work for little while then stop currently im on 300 mg Effexor 300 welbutrin,3 2mg tabs of clonopin a day. If i miss my medicine once that day is hell. people never take me seriously how bad the irritation can be. It causes fiights at home. Ive tried all types of doctors but no help. I get stress and depression because I'm so Irritated. I have anxiety to. I didnt finish high school or college i have learning disability. My father has all my symptons but now he is in a facility for dementia my youngest daughter has it also she is 13 and the Irritation drivers her crazy my ez want let her have meds to help her. my medicines now are worthless. my wife ask if I will ever be happy. I tell her I have no idea. I get headaches migraines and lord please dont let me miss effezor one day it feels like some one with a wire placed on your head and current running down your body.

Im tired of people saying its depression and anxiety or Im bipolar. Thearpy has not helped placing me in a facility when I was young didnt work, psychatrist after so many say the same thing and all I ever get is medicine ferris wheel. where when one is not working no longer lets go back to another he has had.

I recently found out my testostrone level was 18 when normal is 300 I take hormone shots for that. I still have the irritation. I just wish somebody had a answer beside depression and chemical inbalance and anxiety. I know about seritonin and the other natural made chemical your brain makes. but I think maybe just maybe it could be somthing else I have lived a long time with this and the older I get the more stronger it gets and wears me out. Also I'm worrier from my mom she worried all the time. I dont drink or smoke, I dont do drugs exccept the ones the doc pescribes which there is no use of changeing them. Is there help or new ideas out there? Am I the only one that has this irritation by heredity and also doctors dont get offended when I say this has to be somthing else. because there is just to much more we don't know about the point the finger at depression anxiety, bipolar everytime. Does anyone have the same type of I rritation I have?
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
No, I don't believe you are alone and I don't believe it is, necessarily, a psychiatric illness, but something neurologic and genetic. I have heard people on this board indicate they have the same type of sensitivity to sound. I've heard it in people who have everything from lyme disease to celiac problems.#next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absolute; top: -100px; left: -100px; z-index: 2147483647 !important; }

Some people have migraine headaches and we know this is associated with depression and genetics and some even have a blood disorder known as MTHFR. You really need a workup by several specialists, not just a psychiatrist because it may not be, as I said, a psychiatric problem.

I can understand how difficult this must be and the fact that your daughter has it, at a young age, and your father has dementia makes me think it could be genetic. This needs to be checked out and you need a complete family (extended) medical history to help with all of this. I know you may not want to do this, but I think it's in your best interest to do so.

I do hope you find the help you deserve very soon.

Dr. Farrell
duke01 responded:

Hopefully you will actually get to read this, don't know if I'm too late. I too feel the same way you do. It has gradually increased when I was between 12 and 14 years old. I'm now 33. It becomes so intense for me that every single morning it never fails once I wake up and sit up after 15 minutes of laying there, I feel the irritation, almost like a disgust type of feeling. Then I go on a ranting wave. I talk so much sh%# about whatever to my significant other. I try hard to control my outburst but it builds so fast it is hard to control. No medicine has worked for me either. It's sad because when my kids are playing around and their voices get louder and it like pierces my head and I scream at them to stop being so loud! Then from there I'm feeling the need to explode. It's either the kids leave the current room or I do. It's hard and I get the same reaction you do.. take this take that, and nothing.. I hope that someone could figure out something because this is not ok!

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