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Brain Decay?
Mrwannabe posted:
Recently, over the summer, at my fathers for the summer, i began waking up in the middle of the night(this also started a little bit earlier) a numbness would follow waking up, it would cover the left side of my body and i'd shift around, as quickly as i could, sometimes shooting up off of my bed. Since then, my ability to recall information is, well, frustrating, i'm now making little mistakes with detail i've always oboxiously followed to the letter. I stopped waking up in the middle of the night, but now, i sometimes get the feeling of pressure in my head; i am unable to tell if it was a stroke, or a concussion(i believe you can get that from a headache; i think i might have high blood pressure and i was working hard lately, which would explain the "headache concussion") please answer. I've stressed about this for a long time-months.What was and/or is wrong with me?
doxielover10 responded:
On Monday, get an appointment with a Neurologist.

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Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
I'm not an MD and I think you need a medical exam, especially if you believe you have hypertension. It's the only way you will know if there's something that needs to be addressed medically. Ischemic events, often called mini-strokes or small nerve events in the brain, can present problems.

Please have an evaluation and, if everthing turns out pretty much ok with the medical, consider a neuropsychological exam to address your problems with recall and making mistakes.
Mrwannabe replied to Patricia Farrell, PhD's response:
thank you