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Lauren32782 posted:
im not sure if this is what I am having but I get this weird feeling senesation all over my body, sometimes I feel like a heavyiness feeling so to say, and I get edgy and feel like something is wrong. Sometimes my eyes are hard to focus or they feel heavy. im taking zoloft but it doesn't seem to really be working well. I take lorezpan or however you spell it when needed but it seems like im taking that atleast once a day. Can anyone help me. I have had an ekg, stress test, mri, cat scans, you name it all normal.
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
Probably stress and you need to do some self-help. Take a look at our Tips column, watch the relaxation breathing video and try to get in some mild exercise and some activities that you enjoy.

Zoloft may be making you feel tired and your prescriber needs to revisit which med, if any, would be appropriate for you.