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Sudden memory loss after anxiety attack
ArmySpec_80 posted:
9/24/2012 I was on post at Fort Bragg Nc and suddenly started seeing spots in my peripheral vision and some in my forward focus. Now, I am having problems remembering big events in my life and I don't feel necessarily bad or feel as if I need a visit to my doctor. However, this is day two and it seems to be worse and I feel sluggish. I'm a 31 yr old male in the army so I'm in descent shape. I have hypertension and severe anxiety after multiple deployments to combat. I also suffer from severe depression and I have researched the theory of Depression memory loss, but I'm still skeptical about what I've read. I know I can't write in my entire med rep but I hope maybe I could see if this has happened to anyone else.
Thank you,
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
You need to be checked out by an MD because you have hypertension, probably too much stress and the vision problem needs to be evaluated. Please do this ASAP.