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Irrational decisions feeling lost and anxiety
An_248065 posted:
I am in my thirties and have been thru alot....not to say everyone hasn't . but I am divorced, have had abusive relationships..mental,physical,and emotional. I have found my self with racing thoughts, loss of things that make me happy. emotional ups and downs. I also make quick decisions and then feel like i made the wrong decision and feel like my heart is racing. Feeling of being lost and not belonging here. no its not suicidal just feeling like theres something missing . i also just had a misscarriage about two months ago. can any one help
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage and your many difficulties. I hope that your OB explained to you that a miscarriage is just like having a child in that it may predispose you to postpartum depression and mood changes with anxiety.

I am not an MD, but I think this has to be a consideration for some of what you're experiencing now, but I also think that you would benefit from cognitive therapy. As you said, you've been in relationships that were abusive, made impulsive decisions and have problems with racing thoughts. Please consider finding a licensed, experienced cognitive psychologist for an evaluation.