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6 months now. Dizzy and scatterbrained. Help?
echamplin posted:
Back in April, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.
My issues include:
- Contant dizziness
- Fear of dying
- Fear of going crazy
- Fear of "still dreaming"
- Headaches
- Sleeping problems

I've seen doctors, and they can't find a cure (yet). I've been on 4 different medications now, and 2 have made me worse. 1 of the 2 sent me to the emergency room. Obviously, I'm losing hope in medication.

I have taken the following:
- Lorazepam (0.5 mg)
- Citalopram (20 mg)
- Venlafaxine (75 mg)
- Mirtazapine (15 mg)

Do you have any advise on beating this thing? With or without medication? Every day is a struggle, and lately is has been getting worse. Any help is greatly appreciated!
doxielover10 responded:
I can tell you, I went through the same thing as you describe until I had a total nervous breakdown. I have been through a lot but the breakdown was so incredibly terrible, I would do anything to avoid having it happen again. Dr. Farrell was my savior because she explained to me why things were happening. I'd be sitting in a meeting tensing my muscles, holding my breath without having any idea I was doing it and I would be shaking like a leaf by the end of the meeting. The other thing that really helped me was Dr. Farrell's breathing exercises on her blog. What kind of doctors are you going to ? Find either a therapist or Psychiatrist to help you identify why you are having these symptoms. I still go to a Psychiatrist , even though my anxiety has lessened it is not gone, so I continue the breathing or remove myself from anxiety provoking situations.

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Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
One thing to keep in mind re psychological diagnoses; make sure you've had a thorough physical because many medical illnesses and med-related problems may be overlooked.

GAD is both a difficult dx for anyone to deal with and a difficult one to treat as well. I would suggest you find someone who specializes in anxiety disorders (a psychopharmacologist) and seek a second opinion. I would also think that they should have referred you for some treatment with a cognitive psychologist who specializes in anxiety disorders.

Some professionals are also looking at older medication, rather than the newer ones when considering their options. Each med has something in the way of side effects, but the thing that you need is one that works for you. Not all work for everyone and many have difficult side effects during the first few days or weeks of treatment.

Has anyone suggested exercise, lifestyle changes? I think these must be considered. Take a look at our Tips column for some suggestions.

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