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illness related anxiety
Roser posted:
I am sick for several days and after day 7 I started having extreme anxiety. I am hanging on but can't even get decent sleep due to being physically unable to relax to fall to sleep, then nightmares when I do.
I have done my graduated tension release exercises to no avail.
I have many medications normally, plus antibiotics and prednisone now. Taking alprazalam on top is not an option I wish to exercise for fear that it will feel worse. I know that I shouldn't be embarrassed to talk to someone but I am. So I thought about bringing it up here.
Have any of you fellow sufferers had increased anxiety like this while dealing with an infection and what did you do about it?
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
You indicate that you are taking prednisone which is something that not only can cause excessive anxiety, mood changes, but insomnia. Check with your doc about all of this.