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Had 3 jobs in 15 months due to Depresion and Anxiety
An_248306 posted:
I've been reading these forums and it helps to know there's more people out there like me. I'm on my third job in 15 months. Both previous jobs I've quit without having anything lined up because I couldn't stand the enviornment, co-workers, politics, etc.... I've tried in the past using medications but that didn't work. I've driven my wife whom has been very supportive to see a therapist. I can't stand being in an office sitting at a desk all day. Listening to people complain or gossip. I've made attempts to get into a different industry but have been unsucessful thus far. I start thinking about Monday on Friday night. It's horrible for me. The crazy thing is, my bad day could be considered a good day for most people. I've recently been seing a therapist but that has not helped my outlook.
An_248309 responded:
You are not alone. I have a similar pattern. I actually had a job that was not the best job but arguably the best job I've had and I squandered it because like before I just couldnt bring myself to go anymore. Because I knew eventually it would be too much and I took preemptive measures. Now I am too scared to look for a new job because I know I'll just get overwhelmed again.

I don't understand how normal people go to work everyday. Mon thru Friday, have Saturday off then Sunday night get ready to do it all over. Again and again. It doesn't seem natural to me. I wish I could numb my mind like everyone else and just not think about it and just do it. I don't even care about happiness anymore. I just want to not be so miserable.
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
Therapy would seem to be the thing that would be most helpful to you as well as self-help techniques. I'm sure your therapist is teaching you relaxation techniques, has discussed lifestyle changes and exercise with you. If not, it's time for that discussion to begin.

I think that you and your therapist will begin to discuss ways for you to become more comfortable in the setting in which you become employed. I can understand that sitting at a desk all day is not for everyone.