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Effect of Xanax on bloodwork?
MElena posted:
Hi everyone-

I have massive panic attacks when I have to get blood drawn. I'm talking heart pounding, passing out levels- I have my entire life. I've tried every single thing (deep breathing, relaxation techniques, even hypnosis) and nothing helps. Finally my Doc gave me Xanax for when I need to get routine work done.

Tomorrow I need to get a draw for hormone levels, because I may be hyperthyroid. Does anybody know if it will have any effect on the results? I've never had a test specifically for TSH. Of course I just thought of it, and my doc is gone for the day already so I can't call and ask, and the Almighty Google is not any help at all

Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
Your doc must either be on-call or have someone on-call who can answer this question for you. I'm not an MD and not qualified to discuss medical problems.

You might also ask your pharmacist or the place where you will have the draw done.