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Why does it have to be anxiety disorder?
Anxiety_Really posted:
I have recently been told by my PCP, a Neurologist, and a Cardiologist that I probably have an anxiety disorder! 8 weeks ago I had an accident involving my 3 month colt resulting in a foot injury with broken toes and a kick to left side of chest. I wasn't even going to go to doctor but my family insisted! Typically I just weather an injury through and go on. I have a high pain threshold. I have fibromyalgia. After being given shot for tdap, pain killers and antibiotics I was sent on my way. After a few days I started having shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat with exertion, extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, fullness to left neck and jaw, and left eye pain. I have had a eye twitch to my right eyelid for over a year or more that has steadily increased. I have had a stress echo, pulmonary function studies, Neuro work up with EEG and brain MRI, CT of chest and numerous labs. Alk phos slightly low, neutrophils low, lymphocytes high, TSH slightly high with normal T4, all other blood work normal, bump, CBC, Ana, ear, crp, cpk,. So with all the normal results I am told I have an anxiety disorder... Really? If I do then besides suggesting i go to a psychiatrist why has nothing else been done for this "anxiety"? I am definitely anxious now! Anyone out there have any words?
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
I am not an MD, but I'm wondering why they didn't recommend some cognitive therapy so you could learn some things to do to help yourself since you seem to be a self-sufficient person.

If the lymphocytes are high, what does your doc say about that? It sounds like you got quite a wallop from your horse, so I would think that might have resulted in leaving you weakened and all the testing has been, I'm sure, stressful.

Pain killer and even antibiotics can cause anxiety as side effects and that should have been considered. Take a look at the side effects of any meds. You can research this on the internet and it might be helpful.