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jcmclaug posted:
The past few nights I lay down for bed and my mind starts going through the various stressful daily events. Just as I force my mind to clear I start itching ALL over my body. I fight back the urge to itch only to get a prickly sensation then my body jolts- feeling like an electrical pulse making my body move. Is this anxiety? I am SOO tired. Not even Benadryl is helping. :c(
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
It may very well be anxiety. Has something happened recently that would lead to your going over things at bedtime? I know you said you have stressful daily events, but is it possible to help yourself a bit here?

How about trying two things; relaxation breathing (we have a video tutorial in our Tips column here) and also watching the Relaxation video I posted on my website ( I think both may be very helpful.
jcmclaug replied to Patricia Farrell, PhD's response:
Thanks for your response, Dr. Farrell. I will look at your website for tips. There are entirely too many things happening in life right now. I can usually handle anything thrown my way and always find a way to make it through the obstacles. I guess all of it at once is making my body remind me to fix one thing at a time instead of fixating on everything at once. Maybe I just need an outlet; wish I could find someone to help me get answers. I will continue searching..
Patricia Farrell, PhD replied to jcmclaug's response:
Just remember that you are human and that means you have limitations and that's ok. Choose your priorities wisely.