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not too sure
An_248915 posted:
recently started to take the bus and one night after work i got on the bus and there were a few men on there looking at me and all i could think was oh my gosh these guys are going to try and talk to me and take me and i will never live again. as soon as i got off the bus i was crying uncontrollably had to shower to try and shake it off and in the shower i was sobbing the entire time when the tears stopped i felt like all the energy in me was drained. and now every time im alone i feel like someone is out to get me as in my life will be a lifetime movie where the girl is kidnapped and all bad things happen. is this me having panic attacks/ anxiety or maybe just very dependent on needing someone around that i know at all time?
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
First, evaluate what has been happening in your life and the stress you may be experiencing. You said you "recently started to take the bus" and that leads me to believe that it is a new experience, it was at night and you were feeling unsure and that led to the anxiety.

We see far too many TV stories which center on pretty disturbing things and it's time for a change. Confidence is your best protection against anxiety of this type and, perhaps, you might need to take a self-defense course to help with it. It's not a bad idea and it provides exercise which benefits you in terms of both physical and mental health. Plus, you'll meet people.

Courses specifically meant for women would be the best idea. Consider it.