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Effexor XR - Seizures
AishaB posted:

Has anyone experienced seizures with Effexor XR when not taken for 1 day?

For the second time I had these horrible seizures in my sleep - felt like someone was sitting on my chest and I couldn't breath - could not even move my body to change positions of sleep as was trapped so to say. It was the strangest thing in the world and very scary. Tried to scream out for someone in my house to help me, but could not even get my voice to come out. No nightmare at all. Just this frozen feeling.

I hate this medication and have been weaning off for 6 years now. But look what happens just not taking 1 day. So scary.


Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
Seizure potential can be found in many meds and you need to speak to whoever is or was prescribing for you.

I agree that this is a very frightening thing to have happen, especially if you couldn't even ask for help because you could not get the words out.

Your prescriber has to be involved in this and help you through it.