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medicine? or no medicine?
JodiKrause posted:
hello, i am 20 years old and i was originally diagnosed with depression 3 or 4 years ago they put me on zoloft, that i took for about 4 to 5 months and it workd perfectly. then i stopped taking it because i didnt think i really needed it to began with... then 6 months later i started getting anxiety and panic attacks (which were new to me) i thought i needed it again so i took it for about a month then stopped, after that i was off and on it up untill this last year i havent taken it at all for a whole year, mabe a little longer.. anyway i wish now that i would have just stayed on it and committed to taken it because my anxiety has gotten so bad in these last few months i barely want to get outta bed, i feel sick to my stomach all the time (is this from anxoiety?? or depression or what) so ive lost 10 to 12 pounds in the last months from not eating cuz ive felt sick... i have a phobia that triggers my anxiety, its the fear of throwing up or getting sick. so feeling nausous all the time make me have anxiety even more all the time... i can barely drink water im afraid of what might happen to me?!? i tried taking lexapro last week, i took one 10mg pill and it made me sooo dizzy and sick to my stomach so i didnt take another one, im afraid to go back to zoloft because i dont know if im mentally strong anough right now to deal with the side effects with out freaking out all the time and i cant take time off my job for it either.. i made them precribe me 25mg to start off with instead of 50mg that they had me on orignally... i just want to feel the way i did 6 or 8 months ago seems like these past few months have been HELL. will i shake out of this or will it only get worse unless i take medicine? because like i said i want to wait till im stronger
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
I'm not an MD and I can't say whether or not you should take meds, but one thing seems obvious to me and that's the fact that the weight loss and lack of eating/water can cause a change in your body's electrolytes and that leads to anxiety, depression, insomnia and frightening thoughts.

I think you need to work with a cognitive psychologist, see about exercise and have your diet evaluated as well as having a thorough medical exam with blood work for those electrolytes.

I hope you feel much better and I would suggest that you look at our Tips column and watch the video tutorial on relaxation breathing. It can help.

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