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Cold turkey after being on Effexor 75mg last 6 months!!!
GramTam52 posted:
Hi All,

This is day 4 for me and I am feeling pretty good. My balance is off today a little bit; vertigo and feeling kinda anxious. I sleep great, crazy dreams but I have also had those even before I was on this medication.
I have high blood pressure but also have learned that Effexor will increase your blood pressure too. I am hoping for a pill free 2013. I was having hot flashes due to menopause so this medication also created more of that hot feeling!!!!

I know these withdraws will go away soon. I did read a post about Kava Kava so I am going to purchase that next week if I am still feeling a little off.

But so far so good and I AM NOT GOING BACK ON THIS!!!!
Exercise is the best medicine by far to help fight depression and I will beat this!!

Good Luck Everyone~
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
It does sound like it's been a bit rough, but you are doing well and have the determination to help yourself.

One word on your decision re kava kava. Please do a search on the side effects of this preparation because I believe there may be things you should know. Nothing is without some side effects and this, too, has them.

Good Luck with your resolution for the New Year.