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Doctors say I have anxiety, but what do I really have?
echamplin posted:
To quickly fill you in: I've been dizzy, I've had irrational thoughts every day, and I've had sleepless nights every night now for the past 8 months. No break. This all started after I woke up one morning, after going through a night of nightmares and panic/anxiety attacks. It was my first attack, and my last. Since then, I've been tested on 5 SSRI's and Lorazepam, and nothing is helping. Every day I'm still dizzy/lightheaded, irrational thoughts, and can't sleep/feel like I got hit by a truck the next morning. This is literally a constant day and night struggle.

Fast-forward. As of today, I feel like I'm getting worse. Suicidal thoughts have been extremely loud lately, and other irrational thoughts such as "a disconnect from reality" have been increasing in believability; as if I'm dreaming. I have recently not been placed on new meds, and have not recently altered my meds (I'm currently taking Buspar and Lorazepam). I see my psychiatrist on Tuesday and I won't see my psychologist until late January, and, with the irrational thoughts, I have huge fears of not making it that long.

Anyway, I'm just in need of opinions, tips, tricks ... anything to help me.

Thank you,
- Eric
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
Did the suicidal thinking start when you were started on any one of the meds? Some meds have been shown, by research, to cause this and it's a reason to call your doc ASAP. You CAN'T wait for this and your doc has to respond quickly because you may be at risk. Please do this right now.

Your psychologist, also, needs to be made aware of what's happening and needs to take some action. This is one of your psychologist's prime responsibilities here--to keep you safe and provide emergency services.

I hope you do feel better very soon and that you can get some restful sleep. Your doc may need to have an evaluation at a sleep center scheduled for you and that should be considered. Lack of sleep can bring on many of the symptoms you are experiencing now.

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