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feeling off balance for a about a month and a half now what is that?
ohaipriss posted:
idk weather its anxiety or something wrong, i feel bouncy like the floor moves with me , if that makes any sence? i have a ENT appt and Neurologist, im kinda scared cause i never felt this, and idk if its just a new anxiety thing going on, can anyone help?? i feel so alone and helpless
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
I'm not an MD, but sometimes this feeling can come from problems with the ears or sinuses and it's good that you are seeing an ENT specialist. It is upsetting, but simply handled.

Anxiety can make you feel a bit wobbly, too, but there are usually other symptoms, too. Do a little relaxation breathing after you have your ENT appointment if it's anxiety that is causing this problem. You'll find a video tutorial in our Tips column.