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Symptom like a surge, flow, or like a tidal wave
jdawson posted:
I get what I call a surge on occasion that is very disconcerting to me. It feels like this buildup of 'something' that starts in the lower part of my body, reaches my head and then goes back down. It starts with a lower intensity, and builds to a greater intensity and then backs back down. Almost like a wave that builds in the ocean, hits the beach, crashes and folds back into the ocean. I can't really determine when or why it happens, if something causes it, or it precipitates some other medical issue. I do have high blood pressure, and anxiety attacks, and long-term depression that is treated in a constant manner. I don't know if this particular symptom is a precursor to something ominous or part of an ongoing part of something not yet identified. It makes me nervous and uneasy. It lasts about 1-2 days. Is there anyone out there with a similar symptom or have an answer? I would love to get some feedback. Thanks in advance for your help.
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
I'm hoping that others with a similar symptom may respond to your post because, unfortunately, I don't have an answer. But, since you have hypertension, I think your doc needs to know about this and check all your meds.

Because it is lasting for 1-2 days, I would think some further examination by your doc should be considered. Look up all your meds and see if there might be something related to a BP spike or any side effects like that. I'm not an MD, but I always recommend researching all a patient's meds to see if they might be involved in any symptoms that arise and don't seem to be explained by anything else.

One thing I would suggest is that you might consider doing some relaxation breathing when these come on, but talk to your doc about that, too. We do have a video tutorial on this in our Tips column.

I hope things improve very shortly.

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