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health anxiety?
An_249887 posted:
hello I am a 35 year old & I think I have developed health anxiety or at least white coat syndrome. I check my blood pressure often worring about it getting to high. I should mention I am in health care. When I go see the doc it's high but last time I asked to have it rechecked and it was ok. What I want are coping stadigies that work. I find deep breathng only works some of the time because i cannot stay focused!
Any suggestions would be helpful. I don't like the idea of meds.
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
Since you indicate that deep breathing does help you, but you have problems staying focused, perhaps there are a few things that you can do which will increase your ability to focus. Take a look at our relaxation breathing video tutorial in our Tips column and see if you are doing your breathing in the same manner. If not, change to the technique that we have prescribed and see how it works for you.