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Am I alone?
lovenj41 posted:
I feel like I am going crazy and people see that I have these panic/anxiety attacks so I barely go out. I am from New Jersey last year I went to a bar & grill in Seaside Heights with my boyfriend and I was ok walking on the board walk but when I got in side the bar to have a beer, I felt so nerves and shaking that I couldn't even pick up my glass to take a sip of beer,I actually put the glass up to my lips and was so nerves that I felt like I was gonna drop .I really felt like crying because I hate feeling that way..So anyway I never got to drink my beer and ask my boyfriend if we can leave. He said ok ..he didn't know that I was having a panic attack in the bar and I didnt wanna tall him..I really wanted to be by myself in a quiet spot with no one around. Has anyone on this site ever went through this? Or am I a wackO ... thaks for listening ..hope to here a responds!
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
This is not unusual and you'll hear many people on this board who have had similar experiences.

Have you sought any help with this? I don't mean to say that you need medication, but some cognitive therapy might help and relaxation breathing. We have a video tutorial on the breathing method in our Tips column. Watch it, use it and use it frequently. See how it can help.
mistyriver28 responded:
I go through this all the time. Sometimes if helps me at work or when i am out to go to the bathroom and into a stall and do deep breathing exercises and a major pep talk to myself. But if not I have to get out of there too.
lovenj41 replied to Patricia Farrell, PhD's response:
Thanks for replying back Patricia ...Glad to hear I am not the only one going through can get really frustrating at times...and I say to myself why me! I also started this is not helping it stops me from doing a lot of socializing and I have a wedding coming up and I believe it gonna be horrifying to be around so many people in one but I am gonna get through the wedding maybe have a couple of drinks before I so I am not so nervious. And no I don't take no medication and don't have insurance to see a doctor. Hopefully soon though...something will come up! thanks again!!
lovenj41 replied to mistyriver28's response:
Hi Mistyriver28...thanks for sharing...yeah it get really out of control for me too. I thought I was going wacko at first because now it seems that I have them more often. I think more when I stress or have things on my mind. But today like it or not I am gonna go for a little walk..since it has warm up a little bit. This life is sure crazy living with I will try the deep breathing and take deep breaths for now, maybe it will work for me too...thanks again for sharing.