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    Includes Expert Content
    chest pain and dread upon awakening
    woodland63 posted:
    For the past several months I have chest pain ( sometimes severe) and dread along with weakness upon awakening in the morning. I have a hard time sleeping due to pain so am aware of every move I make during the night. I start dreaming before the sun comes up and it makes me want to get up but I need sleep so I stay in bed and fight it. Sometimes the chest pain starts before I get up. It seems I have that dread feeling in my chest for hours and sometimes all day long. I have had strong enough pain right in the middle and a little to the left, that lasted so long I was contemplating a trip to the hospital. I am on meds for A-Fib and GERD. Was on anti-depressants for years but haven't been for the past 4 years.
    I'm a shallow breather, chest won't expand to get enough air for deep breath. I have Fibromyalgia and a strange, unidentified condition that makes my entire left side have tingling and deep inner tension, with a novacaine feeling on my face and sometimes drooping of corner of my mouth and eye. I have cervical vertigo and a C5-6 bulging disc. Chronic low back pain and recently had injections in SI joint a couldn't walk upright but swayed like a duck due to extreme pain.
    I use vitamins and have tried alternative medical help. Not getting better. Neck pain so severe that is causing left shoulder and down to elbow severe pain. Wearing prescription pain patches that barely take the edge off the pain. I have low blood sugar attacks that make me sweat, nauseated, dizzy, and sometimes intestinal problems.
    It seems the chiropractor is making my pain worse rather than fixing it. I've had every kind of test for MS and sometimes my blood tests positive for autoimmune diseases like Sjogrens or Scleroderma but no one has diagnosed this strange condition.. If anyone has had similar symptoms and has any advice, please share. If there is a medical person who can comment, please do. I feel defeated with the medical profession as they don't seem to care much. And I feel easily defeated as this has been going on for years and I have developed more symptoms as I've gotten older. The numbness and tingling along with deep agitation on the left side comes and goes. It has lasted as long as 6 months and then retreated as long as a year. But I always seem to have remnants of it lurking around and just talking about it makes me aware of it. So with all of this I don't sleep through the night and get up feeling like I'm having a heart attack and have been beat up. Thank you for any interest.
    Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
    I'm not an MD but I can see that ou do have a number of problems that seem to be mystifying the medical professionals as well. Just a thought; did you ever have chicken pox? Could this be recurrent shingles?

    If you have bulging disks and cervical problems, I've heard one specialist tell a patient not to have any manipulation of the back or spine. It could make matters worse and one thing you don't want "manipulated" are the nerves coming out of the spinal canal.

    I'm assuming you've been to neurologists who have also checked out any possibility of any type of seizure disorder related to your face (Jacksonian seizures can cause face droop which is transient). Also, two of the longest nerves in the body, the Humoral nerve, goes from the shoulder, down to the elbow and then into the wrist and two outermost fingers of the hand (pinky and ring finger). Any strain on them can cause pain.

    As I said, I'm not an MD, but these are some thoughts that came to mind because I have worked with a lot of patients with medical problems.

    I don't know if your inability to breathe deeply may be involved in some of this and would suggest you discuss this with your primary doc.

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