My sons anxiety
Jodi4 posted:
My 17 yar old son has taken his drivers test 3 times. While I was watching him take his test his hands were shaking so bad he looked like he was waving. Is there anything that I can do to help him with his test anxiety?
Mihail responded:
Anxiety. I can swear even worst, though just 22 y.o.
He passed, your son will pass and there is no reason to be unsure, your son will pass it and I guarantee it.
Just three times. We pass in Russia fifteen-twenty times, and it's ok.
I tell you, he will pass, I guarantee it.
rohvannyn responded:
More familliarity, more practice might help. I had HORRIBLE anxiety durimg my driver's test. I managed to pass by the skin of my teeth. Driving is a scary thing, and a driving test is a REALLY scary thing. It might help to have him remember to breathe, and remind him that the driving examiner is just there to make sure he is safe on the road and is not out to get him.

If that doesn't help, try asking him what is it that bothers him the most? Then talk about it. I think that's what I would have liked someone to do when I was scared about the test. Instead, my driving instructor asked if I needed a cigarette (I don't smoke) and Valium was suggested by a couple of others. I wouldn't reccommend either of those solutions, but I can laugh about them now. Good luck to him.