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Anxiety and OCD
Gilpinben123 posted:
Hey everyone! I have been suffering from anxiety and so I have been told by my therapist OCD For about a year and a half ago. But I have joined this to see if others have the same things as me. When it first started I have no idea why, I was watching a horror movie having a couple beers and then boom hit me out of no where and I have never been the same mind set since. I felt dizzy, scared, worried, could not sleep at all, racing mind and a sense of lost of reality. I had this then for a week, constant crying and no sleep mind racing trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Since then I have come a long way, I understand my problem I have excepted it, I have realised my problems are things I can deal with. I have gone through loads of things such as, Thinking I was crazy Thinking drugs at one point may have played apart Thinking I was going to harm myself or others A sense of never getting my old self back and so on and so on

But I have just started a diary writing my thoughts that bother me down and what I think the courses may be, since then I have been able to identify my triggers and when my brain tries to run away with it self I trained my self to face the problem and tell myself it's just the triggers it's just my mind over reacting on things, But what I am trying to say is I have come a long way been through a hell of a lot but I have a lot of Intrusive thoughts, always bad things never good and it makes me worried and scared sometimes I feel I can't cope just wanna break out and shout and end it all, my thoughts sometimes scare me so much I cannot focus on anything else, does anyone else feel the same ! I have never taking medication and I wouldn't say to people to do so, your mind is a great thing and I believe if I got myself in this state there is a way out of this mind set as well , does anyone else suffer, or suffered with the same things as me ? If so any tips? And any sort of help they can provide, I can go days sometimes weeks feeling great but out of no where boom, i m back in my old ways of thinking. One other thing I always get a lot of head pressure at the front my head and my eyes go funny as if I can't focus and after I get very very tired, anyone else ? Thanks to anyone who reads this and special thanks to anyone that replies
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
If there's one thing we know about panic, it's that it can come out of the blue and even wake people up from a sound sleep. There may be lots of reasons why this happens, but as far as I know, no one has found the single reason. There are also lots of medications that are used, but each person is different and no one medication works for everyone. This would lead me to believe that panic is more complex than anyone really knows.

We do know that there may be a brain hormone involved in this and that it may suddenly spark panic attacks. But the reason for this is a mystery. We also know that severe anxiety, which may fuel panic, can come from a build up of stress.

Stress is something that we can manage and I would suggest that you begin to look at different ways of helping yourself all through the week. One of the ways that has been found quite helpful in managing stress and anxiety (whether you realize the stress is present or not) is simple, regular exercise such as taking long walks, walking in place, walking up and down stairs, or doing any other type of simple exercises. If you work in an office you can even exercise while sitting in your chair. All of it helps.

Another thing that you can do is to use relaxation breathing and we do have a video tutorial on this in our Tips column. Breathing in this manner and using this technique can be quite helpful.

Another thing you want to look at is your diet and how much sleep you're getting because sleep is absolutely essential in controlling anxiety and stress.

Before you begin to think that it might just be a question of using self-help techniques, I would recommend that you have a medical exam with your PCP just to ensure that there isn't a medical process going on here. Once that is cleared up and, if everything is found to be fine, then you might want to try these conservative self-help techniques.
Jondo responded:
Hello i have the same thing almost for 6 years ,i cannot breath have high blood pressure and i think that i m going to die ,i do not know what to do ,i m waking up my wife every night 2 3 times with fear ,but that effects me a lot i think that i m the only one who experienced that so lets help each other ,my email is greektaste@ let s talk that will help us to calm ,every one who has the same symptoms please lets email each other that is going to help us !!,thank you,
Patricia Farrell, PhD replied to Viktoriya7588's response:
Providing your information, since you run an anxiety clinic, is tantamount to placing an ad on this board and that is not permitted.

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