An_250645 posted:
I jumped off a bridge 18 months ago, I am still experiencing severe pain and it really depresses me but recently my mood has changed loads and I almost feel the same as when I did that if not worse, I keep reliving it and getting confused where I am and what year and I am now doing things I havent done for years, need some help
Lefty2121 responded:
Have you been evaluated since then? Are you taking anything for the pain or for depression?
charlie0783 replied to Lefty2121's response:
yeah I have been last september, they just say its borderline personality disorder which I do not agree with as I dont suffer from those symptoms and they just continuing saying it from when I was a child, they never really look issues I go through now. I have pain killers, codiene, but I dont like relying on meds and it doesnt always work. I am on fluoxetine 20mg but it either makes me really hyper when I take it or really depressed??