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Bad night
bridgetmfriend posted:
Hi everyone so tonight Im having very bad anxiety and feeling nausua any adivce or tips you all had would be great and make me feel better! Thanks for reading and thanks for your help I really appreciate it.
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
Sorry I didn't get your post until today, but I'm hoping that you did manage to find a way to help yourself feel a bit better that night.

Sometimes, when you feel that anxiety might be coming on, there are a few things you can do to help either limit how anxious you feel or even to stop it completely. One thing I would recommend is that you watch the relaxation breathing video tutorial we have in our Tips column.

The next thing I would recommend is that you keep a copy of my relaxation beach scene video that's on my YouTube channel ( I would suggest that you copy this beach scene video as well as my relaxation breathing video tutorial onto your iPhone, smart phone or computer or even iPad so that you can watch it whenever you might be feeling a bit anxious.

Relaxation breathing is a wonderful way to help yourself calm down and relieve stress and if you do it while watching the ocean video, it can be even more helpful.