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    Anxiety & Panic Hypnotherapy
    An_250739 posted:
    This is my first post to any online board and am hoping someone can help me with different methods of treatment they have found successful for treating anxiety, depression, and perhaps OCD. I am 26 and about 5 years ago while sitting in a college class the discussion of the mayan calendar came up. . . my life has been a complete and utter mess since then. I basically stopped going to school, barely graduated after being a pretty good student, reduced my hours at work and eventually moved back to my small town and in with my parents. Besides my parents and sister and of course the numerous doctors whom I have seen I do not share my struggles with anyone. After the discussion in class I felt this overwhelming feeling and my heart began to race, I had cold sweats and the obsessive thougt of what may happen to me became so overwhelming I sought the help of a psychologist. To make a long story short he tells me that I have anxiety disorder, Possible OCD, and Severe Depression. I have also seen three different psychologist (I moved so had to find a new doctor) and am now on my 8th combination of medications which is 40mg of Viibrid Daily and Lorazepam as needed (I take it almost daily now). I have also tried herbal supplements recommended by my physician and mindfulness relaxation techniques. So far all have been unsuccessful I am begininng to lose my ability to fight this and am looking into other methods of treatment. Has anyone tried hypnotherapy? If so with what results?

    I should also not that my usually thought pattern and "cycle" includes: reading, listening, walking past, really anything can trigger an episode if it relates to an unlikely but cataclysmic event i.e. Mayan Calendar. I then start to have an anxiety attack which I feel triggers the OCD in the sense that I feel compelled to google and research the topic of choice for hours and days until I end up in a state of hysteria. I also used to spend 6+ hours a day reading the news and even more time watching it to see what was going to get me next! After 5 years and many, many "events" that should have gotten me hasnt I am at a loss as to why I feel more anxiety now than I did before. I find that I have begun to look at the news more often than I used to. My psychiatrist does not want to take me off the medication I am on. It so far has been the best combination when I am not in a "cycle". I want my life back but am finidng it harder and harder to fight and it seems when I think something is working I suffer a major setback. Lately the steps backward have been bigger! Any suggesstion or help would be appreciated. Not sure if i belong on the anxiety board or if I should find one related to OCD. I suffer from both.
    Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
    It sounds like things have been very rough for you and that you have really tried to get the appropriate help to turn things around. The thing that puzzles me is when you speak of a "cycle" because this would seem to indicate something other than an anxiety disorder.

    Obviously, we do not diagnose on this board, but we try to offer support and some suggestions whenever possible. Since it seems that you and your current psychiatrist are having success, it would seem reasonable that you and he would discuss any other additional therapies which might be useful.

    I don't know that hypnotherapy per se would be helpful for you and I would suggest that you bring this up at your next appointment with your psychiatrist. Hypnotherapy is not a quick fix for anything and it really must be a licensed and appropriately certified person who would work with your psychiatrist on some specific difficulties you may be having. To my mind, it can be an efficient way to learn how to relax yourself and that is what I would anticipate where it might help.

    I'm sorry that I cannot offer more help to you because I do know from your post that you are seeking anything that might be helpful. I'm also wondering if in addition to the psychiatrist you are in psychotherapy with a psychologist. I think this portion of your treatment needs to be addressed.

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