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Pain I cannot figure out on my right side.
An_250817 posted:
It's only happened twice in a spaced out period of time. It starts with pain in my right shoulder blade, then it's goes towards my right breast and the second time the pain traveled up to my neck and my right temporal lobe. I've looked to figure out what it was and kind find nothing except breast cancer signs and just so it's known. I'm 21 years old, seasonal allergies, never had surgery, clean bill of health besides that. Very good immune system. A happy virgin. I can't think of anything that would cause this. I am a bit overweight. Please if I could be helped. I haven't went to the doctor since it has only happened twice I hoped to save myself the trip.
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
I know you said that you are having this pain (only twice) and that you are in good health, but a bit overweight. Whenever there is pain, it is always best to do two things; the first is to see if it's related to something or some activity and the second is to have it evaluated by your PCP.

I know you said it only happened twice and that's the reason you haven't gone to your doctor, but I think it needs to be checked out.