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jaws82 posted:
Im a 48yo male who has been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks most of my life. Im also being treated for newly diagnosed bipolar disorder and am on Lithium,Buspar,Cymbalta,Ellavil. I cant take Benzos because I am a prescription drug addict in recovey (nice combination that I am not proud of). I need to listen and when i get more comfortable with the group (if you let me in) Ill tell you more of my story and hope that it will help someone.
jaws82 responded:
I really need to talk with someone now!!!
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
Since you are receiving psychotropic medications and you are in recovery, I am assuming that you must be in psychotherapy as well as, possibly, group therapy to help you with your recovery. I believe those are the two places where you would be working on any difficulties you have with anxiety and panic. Although I know that this group is highly supportive, substance abuse is not the primary focus and that is the reason I mention psychotherapy and group work.

If whoever is prescribing your medications has not referred you for work with an experienced addictions specialty psychologist, I would suggest that you ask for this now.
jaws82 replied to Patricia Farrell, PhD's response:
I have been clean for some time now and Im not in pschotherapy (the person I had seen retired last year and have not found another). I am waiting on disability status since my hearing was 3 months ago. I am on pain meds through a monitored clinic and my spouse and even though Im working a NA program now, I still have anxiety and panic issues and am looking for another counselor. Can you please help?