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Health anxiety and panic attacks
Jrlaw1998 posted:
I am 14, I have been dealing with minor health anxiety for a year now, but the other night I was exercising/running and got really dizzy and had shortness of breath. It was bad enough that I had to sit down! Today I am having upper back pains and minor pokey chest pains. Is this anxiety or something else? Please help!
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
I believe I just responded to one of your posts and suggested that you discuss this with your mother and your treating physician. As I recall, you did indicate that you were on medication, if I'm correct.

I'm not an M.D. and I do suggest that you when your mom have a talk about this.
bradcrowne responded:
No this is not only due to anxiety there are other features and I think you should need a through check up,don't delay there must be some underlying factors causing this.