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Same Thing Different Way?
Invisible70 posted:
I have PTSD and either TBI or MCI. They are currently undecided but in either case I have significant memory and cognitive loss. I'm having a great deal of problems in my marriage as you can imagine. One of the biggest problems in our communication is that I have this involuntary habit of saying the same thing in a varity of ways during the same conversation. Something like" *** you know what I mean it's like ***...".and maybe a few other times. She frequently cuts me off saying she gets what I mean but then I automatically feel like she is controlling what I get to say and what I don't. I try and tell her that she doesn't get to tell me when my time is up, I let her speak and listened now she should let me but she insisted that it isn't fair she should have to listen................and so it begins. So I guess I wonder is this common. Am I simply wrong or broke beyond my condition? Please help,
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
Right now you and your wife are in a difficult time in your marriage because of your impairments. In addition to having your diagnosis clarified, I would think you and your wife would benefit from some marriage counseling. Anyone who is trying to contend with a cognitive impairment of memory understands how frustrating it can be for themselves and for anyone who has a relationship with them. It's not something that can be easily done considering the emotional component and, for that reason, I would suggest marriage counseling.

I'm hopeful that once you do receive your definitive diagnosis that they will provide you with some cognitive rehab.

I hope things do work out well for you because I know this must be both frustrating and emotionally painful for both of you.