Coffee Alleviates My Anxiety
An_251302 posted:
Hello! I understand that this might seem a bit of a bizarre topic, but please bear with me.
Also, please be polite and read everything before making a judgement or hypothesis.

First, let me start with that I am a female with high-functioning Asperger's Syndrome.

From the age of roughly 4, my parents introduced me to coffee.
(They had the mindset of try it early and hate it later - which worked for avoiding alcohol and smoking, but coffee stuck.)
Since then I have been drinking coffee probably as much if not more than the recommended amount for a person.

The reason why I'm asking this fine community is because I have very little confidence for my backwater, ibuprofen solves everything doctors.
(I also don't have the means or money to visit the medical centers several dozen of miles from me.)

Now to the point and current issue.
Whenever I don't drink coffee, I start feeling an almost severe anxiety that makes me feel almost aggressive and short towards anyone.
I know that symptom is used often comically, but I feel this is just a tad worse.

It gets worse the longer I go without coffee.
The longest I went without was 6 months which ended with a seizure.
I have tried decaf and it helped a little, but made me feel very sick.
Also, I have very little affinity for other caffeinated products like sodas or energy drinks. They just don't cut it like coffee does.

I drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, by the way.

So is it possible that I have some sort of weird psychological deal with coffee and caffeine and the my autism simply won't let me go without it or do any of you think it might be anything else?

Thank you!