please help me with my anxiety, its ruining my life
ladybug1985 posted:
ive been having bad anxiety attacks for years, they seem to come when im having neck and back pain and weird pain in my arm. feels like someone is sending an electric pulse through my body. the only thing that helps is pacing and talking. its gotten worse and more frequent. anyone have any tips?
Cjack1990 responded:
Try some yoga before you go to bed, the PM kind. You can find tons of them on youtube. If that doesnt help you can try going for a walk or exersizing, different things help different people.

Pacing helps me and so does talking,, but at work I go into like a manic state and I wont shut up and I'll just go on and on and on lol.

But I recommend trying the night time yoga.I like to do it right after I shower and i'm in my pjs (shorts, t shirt.) Sometimes I do it before my shower in yoga clothes.
An_251498 responded:
I have been experiencing anxiety foe about 10 years. I have never been able to find anyone that feels like I do. When I read your symptoms it sounds just like me. I have that electric feeling that goes through my body. My skin feels hot and weird. It feels like electritricy going through my chest. Its very scary. I lay down and still feel awful.