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Im worried I have have CJD
wmarvin posted:
This all started during the first week of march. I have always had some sense of anxiety but it would usually pass. I was on a business trip in Kansas city when I felt this choking sensation and I couldn't swallow. I freaked out about it a little bit and then it passed. I started getting fixated with the tightness, only making it worse...feeling like someone was pushing on my throat and lightly chocking me. The next episode I had was in church a few days later. I was just sitting there when my head got warm and fuzzy and I felt like I was going to pass out. It passed after a second and it hasn't come back. I scheduled a visit with my doctor and he told me he thought that it was anxiety, so he put me on buspirone. I was on my 2nd day of it and my whole reality started to change, like I wasn't real. I thought I would give it some time and it didn't change, it was always there and was even making me feel the same while I slept. It was like my normal sleep. I called him up and he switched me to Zoloft. I was taking it for about 4 days and the spacey not existent feelings never left. So he took me off that as well. I have been taking lorazepam that he prescribed me for air travel a while back and that relieved the throat problem and sometimes brings me down to earth. He scheduled blood work that came back normal and a CT scan that I have scheduled for next week. I have lost interest in everything I do, I cant stay focused, I'm scared that I am dying. I lost my appetite and didn't want to eat for about 5 days, nothing sounded good. The past couple of days i can eat, but sometimes i have to force myself.I cant get a good nights sleep, the non existent feeling haunts me. It feels like my thoughts aren't apart of my body.This has all just came over me so fast and I feel all alone and I just want to feel normal again. I've had 4 nights in a row that it takes e a couple of hours to go to sleep and when I do get to sleep, I get 4-5 unrested hours. It doesn't feel like it did just a couple of weeks ago. The constant brain fog is driving me crazy, I am 37 and I am scared I have CJD. I came across it looking for issues and it really scares me. All this has gone on for about 4-5 weeks and the brain fog has been strong for 3 weeks, insomnia has been a week. I have gotten better sleep the past couple of nights. Last night I fell asleep pretty fast and didn't take me as long as usual. My days seem to be running together. I'm not sure if it is dementia or just depersonalization that is causing the day to day problems.

Any thoughts on the subject will be greatly appreciated
Reid Wilson, PhD responded:
I'll bet that's scary! But the initial symptoms you describe are common for a panic attack, not anything related to OCD. Here is a link for information on panic attacks and some self-help suggestions: panic self-help . Panic does come over you fast, and it can be quite unsettling. And anyone would worry (obsess) if they don't understand what's happening. Slow down, step back and study up on panic for a bit. Then see if you can take some of the self-help steps outlined. It sounds like you are in good hands with your doctor, who called it anxiety to start with.
wmarvin replied to Reid Wilson, PhD's response:
I noticed in your reply you said OCD...did you mean CJD? CJD is the disease that has me really frightened right now.

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