Is it just stress or anxiety
SJB02 posted:
I get this overwhelming feeling somethimes normally caused by changes that I have no control over. I also have this ongoing thought when my boss and co-worker are in a room togther with the door closed that they are taliking about me. I seem to always have this feeling that people are plotting against me or talking behind my back, like out to get me. I know this is probably not the case but I get an extremly overwhelming feeling where I cant breathe, chest hurts and really paranoied. I then start thinking that people are talking about me. What the heck is this and how do I make these feeling go away.
Cjack1990 responded:
It could be anxiety. I start to feel like people are staring at me or talking or even laughing at me when I have a panic attack. I don't really get the paranoia when someones out to get me though. You could have what I have an adjustment disorder. I hate change. I like to sleep in my bed, I hate staying the night somewhere else. I had a panic attack after I redecorated my room and got all this new furnature and a new bed.