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    Fear of Doctors, Disease and Death
    reginam posted:
    I have a fear of going to doctors because I'm afraid of a negative outcome because I'm afraid of disease and death. I'm like you, I'm terrified about nothingness. I'm terrified to die. I'm 67 years old and it's gotten harder every year. My anxiety level is so high right now and constant, I don't know what I'm going to do. I would sure like people to talk to and to find help. Thank you.
    KATMARYLAND responded:
    Hi Reginam - sounds like you are having a tough time. Why are you terrified to die? Your anxiety isn't allowing you the opportunity to enjoy living. Do you have someone who can help you see the Dr. for some anxiety medication? Then, if it hopefully works, you can discuss your worries with a trained professional and hopefully get to the root of what's weighing you down. I feel your pain and I know it's easier for a stranger to say, but please have someone help you seek a physician for your anxiety. Once you start to feel better you'll wished you'd done it sooner. I know the first step is very difficult but this is a gift you will be giving yourself. I wish you well.
    Hschoolingmomof2 responded:
    Hi Reginam,
    I have exactly the same thing. I hope your are able to see this so you are know you are not alone. I have the same fears. I was diagnosed with OCD about 10 years ago, with a strong phobia of cancer. I too, hate going to the doctor. My anxiety is so high when I have to go in for anything, Each time I see a commercial, advertisement, news story about cancer or anything related to it, I get numb and lightheaded and then flush.

    I had been on Effexor for the last 10 years, but I still had symptoms. A few things helped though, I added a Vitamin b Complex to my daily vitamins, Vitamin D3 and a Mulitvitamin. Since adding the above, I have not had another panic attack. I still get scared, but not as bad.

    I went to see a psychologist (in my case, she was a Christian counselor), who helped me see 1) where this fear come from 2) how my thoughts "cycle" and "look" for something to worry about and 3) How can I control my thoughts.

    I do have something on hand for situational anxiety (ativan), which helps when I am stressed and worried. It works quick and doesn't stay in the body.

    You may find seeing a Psychologist or Therapist really helpful and then you discuss of medication may be of help.

    If you have a particular faith, that may help as well. I find that praying helps quite a bit.

    I wish there was an easy fix. Let's face it, there are lots of stories of disease, death and horrible, scary things we see on TV and in the paper and in magazines and these things can even happen to people we know and love. We can only control what we are capable of controlling - eat healthy food, try to lower our stress, find something fun to do everyday and laugh often.

    I personally need to set my boundaries so that my fears are not triggered or exacerbated by the news, people, magazines etc. All it does is make me worry and it's not good for could look at it as an allergy. Instead, I try to fill my days with things that are positive and good for me. I don't live in a bubble or out of reality. I see and read things, but my mental diet consists of mostly positive things.

    Try to surround yourself with things that help you stay positive. I don't want to push my faith on anyone, but there is a book ~ Heaven is for Real, that I just love. Yes, you have to "die" to get to Heaven, but perhaps if you know about Heaven and how wonderful it is, you won't be so fearful. It's not your time yet to go, you are still quite young. But when we are called, I WANT to go to Heaven cause it's wonderful. I'm still raising young kids and I don't want to leave them for a long, long time. However, there is a sense of great peace knowing that I get to live forever when Jesus calls me home. There is a follow up book called: Heaven Changes Everything! It's such an amazing book and I find so so so so much comfort in that book. It's all positive thinking and it has really encouraged me.

    You are not alone, Reginam and I find that talking to you all, helps me a lot. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best!

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