Hey Rach...
mrzangel007 posted:
Hello...I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and story with us. I am only 24 and have been dealing with anxiety since I was in my teens. It first started with the doctors not knowing what was wrong with me and then I had an MRI. The MRI gave me an intense panic attack that made me feel that I was in a casket. During that time, I was dealing with the possible death of a loved one that later passed away. I have abandonment issues as well and just had comfort knowing that there are people just like me out there. Whenever I get injuries or bang my head, I always panic and have a total fear of death. However, I am working on it. I need to keep my mind occupied and have fun with my life. I really hope that people have a better understanding of anxiety and that sometimes it is something more than attempting to 'turn off' those negative things in a person's head. I went to visit a doctor that felt no bump on my head and that I was just tender and hit a nerve that was adding a tingling sensation on my face where I was hit on the head on the same side. There is something that must be done to overcome those horrible thoughts when someone is going through those initial irrational thoughts. It is embarrassing to feel what I feel but I am learning how to deal with them. Though nothing is wrong with me, I still have an ice pack on my head to make me feel better. Why do these thoughts control us? Please keep writing, your thoughts comfort me. - Angel