As-needed Anxiety Medication
My guy is taking Escitalopram 20 mg. and I think it "helps". But he still gets SO wound up so easily over little things. Like just a few moments ago he was getting ready to go to work and he couldn't strap on his watch so he gets so upset he rips if off his arm and throws it to the floor and of course f-this and f-that. I fixed the buckle and let him know. His response, very angry-frustrated like was that NO, YOU DIDN"T FIX IT. IT'S A SH!**Y BAND AND IT DOESN'T WORK. Then he insisted to prove himself that I attempt to put it on his wrist. I just walked away. Of course when he calms down later he will apologize. He will have these outbursts over (what I think) are little inconveniences and shouldn't send him into a tail spin. I take Effexor, so I can understand all too well about anxiety. I am just really tired and think it's sad I've gotten so used to the melt downs. Sorry for the rant. My question is: is there a medication that he can take as-needed that is not habit forming? I also wonder if his current medication isn't the right one for him. Any thoughts? Thanks.