push comes to shove trigger?
sittingbull594 posted:
have severe anxiety and about 4-5 mos. ago they took me off klonopin because i o'd on it. bu tbesides that all of my hmo took people off because it also causes dementia and alzheimers. go figure that one!!
i've been thru the mill today and decided the only way i could make it thru without suiciding and or sh'g really badly was to drink alcohol.
i really wish the moderators were still here because i could use a good help. good drunk!!!!
rohvannyn responded:
Well, I think you chose the better of the three options. Choosing life can be a hard choice, but worth it. I hope your doctor can find something better for you to be on, or perhaps you can find a non medication solution of some kind. When you are feeling a little better, see what you can do to reach out for some help so you don't have to be in this much pain again. There are folks here who will listen and also some great tips and resources in the resources section.

I care how you are doing and I hope you feel better soon.