Medication caused GAD?
An_251641 posted:
I'm a 33 year old female who's been on Depo Provera since 2004 (I did take one year off when I wasn't sexually active). I also have allergies and allergic asthma, so I'm on Singular, as well as Zyrtec and occasionally I have to use Benedryl or my albuterol inhailer. I've also had to take steroids a few times for foot issues and Psorisis. I've read a lot about all of these drugs having anxiety related side effects. I've always been a little bit anxious - never quite able to fully relax, but in the last 2 years it's gotten much worse. Could the medications I've been on have caused GAD?
rohvannyn responded:
I hope an expert responds to this because I want to know too. I know of one woman in particular who actually got quite aggressive and actually rather wacky right after she got her depo shot. So I know it can affect mood in at least some people. Does it get worse right after your shots and then get better gradually throughout the cycle?