I feel high when im not... Please help
Bryce1234 posted:
Out of no where I start to feel high without smoking marijuana. I feel like nothing is real, I start to panic, I also get a fever of 101 degrees. I smoked marijuana about 2 or 3 weeks ago, so I dont know if the THC is still in my system. I try to avoid social events, like school, because of it. This has happened for about 7 days on and off. Please help, I want to get back to my old ways.
rohvannyn responded:
I've heard that THC can be stored in fat for a surprising amount of time. It could be that, or your brain freaking out about the idea of having taken it. It sounds like a pretty good reason not to do it anymore unless you need it for medical reasons. I know help is out there if you want it, and support for getting off drugs. Most of it is free too and there's no shame in asking.