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Anxiety/Fear of Death
An_251796 posted:
I kinda of laugh reading some of this stuff just because I sound just like you all. Thing is I really don't know if my symptoms are the same as others I get a rush in my body like i'm about to fall backwards, today I experienced sweaty hands, heart racing nothing new by the way but I really do feel like i'm going to fall over and die. Been on medications take a low dose of 20 mg of Ciltolapram probably need more but I kind of just hate the fact that I can't control it I see a counselor everything went to the hospital 3 weeks ago and my blood pressure was high to me it was 133/93 plus I forgot my hands were tingling and i felt numb also other symptoms of anxiety. I had a ekg, cat scan, chest xray, nothing but the doctor was still confused of my symptoms and said my blood pressure was kinda high. I thought I was having a heart attack mind you i'm only 28. It sucks these feelings I don't even know what to do at times I just know and feel i'm going to die. But hopefully I won't sometimes I don't even want to go to sleep in fear of not waking up. I know that nobody can help me but it sure would feel good for someone to tell me it's ok. I do my family says i'm ok my mom gets upset with me cause I sound like a tap recorder but she knows I deal with this day in and out. But sometimes I get tired of hearing myself say I"m going to die. Who will take care of my kids when i'm gone. I worry about them alot.
huskey1985 responded:
Don't feel bad I'm the same way an I have almost all the same symptoms too a tee...I had the ekg chest xray the hole 9 yards an all they can tell me is anxiety due to quitting smoking..I smoked for 14 years an I guess since I was 14 when I started that means my brain grew up on cigarettes so I've probobly been masking an underlying anxiety disorder so they say.....I know its frustrating but your not alone there are days my anxiety is so bad all I do is have body aches all day...its horrible but I somehow manage....I have two kids also a two year old and a four year old they are the reason I push forward everyday lol and I'm 27 so I'm right at your age too......
Reid Wilson, PhD responded:
Hey An_251796. Gosh, it sure sounds stressful to have to think about all those symptoms and the feared outcomes. Can I give you some advice? There is a difference between a worry that is a signal and one that is just noise. Despite the fact that you have these troubling sensations and fears, there is no value in having worries about them all day. If your worry is not leading to ACTION, then it has very little value to you. Have you noticed? You need to practice time-out periods, where you literally say to your worries, "Not now!" Yes, you are scared. But worries are supposed to be step one of the problem solving process. If you just sit around worrying, you are NOT problem solving. Think for a moment that you have two problems. One is the set of symptoms that you experience, and the other is that you WORRY. Work on reducing the amount of time you worry (since it is NOT helping you solve a problem), and I will bet that some of your symptoms will also become less disturbing. I know this sounds like once-over-lightly here, and I'm not spending time telling you HOW to worry less. But START with taking on the goal of discovering how to worry less. You can check out some of the various tips on my website: . Check out the stuff under "generalized anxiety."

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