tetanus an cat scratches
huskey1985 posted:
OK so I haven't had a tetanus shot in like 15-20 years an I got scratched pretty deep by a cat an I'm terrified I'm going to get tetanus because I heard that its in feces an cats use litter boxes so my aniexty is through the roof I avnt really slept in like 3 days an can't get into my doc for another week someone please tell me I'm just being crazy as usual....i could really use a good night sleep
rohvannyn responded:
If you washed the scratch really well (like you should with any deep cat scratch) your risk of tetanus is minimal. If it bled some, so much the better. If there is a lot of redness or heat in the injury site, or if you see red lines coming from the wound, see a doctor. Meantime, if you have a doctor, getting a tetanus booster wouldn't hurt, just for peace of mind. Prevention is good, after all! I have cats and get scratches from them quite frequently and have never once gotten tetanus. Now get some rest!