Why is Effexor XR even legal?
Thankyouforthis posted:
I first should let you know i am 16, had depression for a little bit and now i have another problem. My body is literally aching. I keep getting severe electric shock like zaps in my head. I feel like I have gone purely insane. Either I made a terrible mistake having the doc lower my dose or I am just having some bad thoughts that are causing me anxiety. I can't seem to remember anything lately, I'm having heat flashes that come out of no where and distract me from simple day to day tasks. The sweating and shakiness of my body is like ... F**king terrible. Is anyone else experiencing this?! I am never , doing drugs again in my entire life. Medication or illicit drug, psychiatrist or dealer is what I want to know.
rohvannyn responded:
As I've read in the lengthy Effexor XR thread, you are having withdrawal symptoms from the lowered dose. Let your doctor know about this, but also read up on the Effexor XR Withdrawal Symptoms thread, if you haven't already. You aren't alone.