Panic Attack Diarrhoea
dukesy posted:
Thank you so much for all the amazing words I have just read, although you all seem to be in the US and I am here in UK they rung so true in my ears I cried reading them.
I have tried hard for years to make doctors listen to me and not tell me it was IBS, I have to suffer a colonoscopy in a few weeks and still no one will listen when I said it is PANIC ATTACK DIARRHOEA.
I am so certain, it never happens at home of when I am with my infant class but when I am away from a toilet or walking out.
Please please help me, I have never used this site before, I have listed all the drugs you mentioned, this has ruled my life in identical ways you all mentioned and in some cases worse. I need help to get better, I am loosing weight worrying about it.

Thank you all, inspirational xxx
(Dukesy 39yrs England, UK )