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panic attack or something more?
zigz101 posted:
even though i at am a very young age i have been having very severe panic/anxiety attacks or whatever the heck you want to call them. i havent been to the doctor yet but the first one i had was the very worst. it was after P.E. that i went into the locker room to change and i started feeling nervous and wanted to cry. and eventually i did cry. i told my friends and they thought i was just joking around until i actually started flipping out. i didnt know what was happening and so i went to the gym teacher after i had gotten dressed. he told me to take a seat in his office but i couldnt stand sitting down. pacing around the room seamed to help but unfortunately i couldnt seem to slow down my breathing. i couldnt inhale all the way either. i know it wasnt asthma but i have had breathing problems in the past. i was crying, i felt faint, and i just wanted to be alone and i couldnt stand to answer anymore questions. i dont know what was setting me off. but ever since then i kept on having these attacks constantly feeling gittery even between these attacks. please can someone tell me what it is? we dont need anymore hospital bills!!
KDA_DA responded:
Hi Zigz. You are not alone! Sounds like classic anxiety/panic. Like everything in life you will get through this and with time you will learn how to manage this. There maybe underlying reasons why you are having this anxiety or something currently stressful could be causing it. I read that you are very young so your primary doc may or may not feel comfortable prescribing meds. I have suffered, and that's just what it is... Suffering, for a while. I am going to therapy and learned some breathing techniques that help. Sit quietly alone when you feel this starting and slowly take a deep breath thru you nose with ur mouth closed and keep breathing deep til your lungs are fully expanded, you cant inhale any further, almost feels uncomfortable at first, hold a few seconds then slowly exhale thru your mouth while making a humming sound. This sound causes your brain to think of it and redirects it from having anxious thoughts. It does help. Do a few times maybe 3-5 cycles and throughout the day. I really hope this helps you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care Zigz. KDA

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