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Panic Attacks and feeling like im Crazy.
Savahanna posted:
Im a 27/F I'v had panic attacks since i was 8yrs old. I kept it to myself (not knowing what it was at the time) untill i was in my 20's Iv ben on pail for many years now and they really helped but last week the doctor switched me to zoloft and im not doing good at all. My panic attacks are back and in full force. I have ocd and constantly focus on my breathing and obsess over thinging im going crazy. I feel like i cant focus or think straight and am constanly stuggaling not to have an attack. Is any one else on zoloft and does it help? And Just please tell me im not going crazy!
heythatsright responded:
Your life sounds a lot like mine. My PA's started around 6 or 7. Didn't know what they were until many years later. It's been nightmarish. Do you take Ativan when you need it? Absolute godsend for me. You are not going crazy. You are doing the best you can. We are all dealt cards and we have to play them the best we can. A pair of two's are better than nothing. Talk to your care provider and tell them your concerns right away. You don't have to suffer. YOU ARE LOVED...
gfghdfhd responded:
I have been struggling longer. I have been through many doctors and therapists and pills. I do not believe anti-deppresents have helped much at all if any for me. I still do take pristiq, but I am coming off of it. I take klonopin for panic. I like to meditate somewhere quite and learned to hate most pills. I say try whatever you think works as it is a little different for all. Best Tip- Keep your head up and stay away from people that do not respect you or help you become healthy. You will find some things that help as you go.... Good luck
Savahanna replied to gfghdfhd's response:
Thanks u guys. im doing a little better day by day maybe this zoloft is starting to finnaly work. Ive got a supportive husband that really trys to help me when i have an attack and three kids that keep me busy ive found that just repeating " alot of ppl have this, and know how i feel." helps alot for me. Thanks again.

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