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is this withdrawal?
swdhkay posted:
About two weeks ago I went to the emergency room for the first time for a horrible panick attack. While I was there they gave me 1mg of ativan and the doctor proscribed me 15 of them. It said take 1to 2 every 8 hours as needed for anxiety and they were .5mg I took one in the morning and one and night because those were the times I felt anxiety the most, other than that I didn't really need to take more than that. But today I do not have anymore and my anxiety has sky was bad before but now it feels worse (which I'm not sure how that is possible) I guess what I'm trying to ask is are these withdrawal symptoms I'm going through or what is this? also does anyone else feel like with each panic attack they get worse and worse like every panic attack I have always feels worse than the last one. Anxiety is just getting so much for me to handle its seriously interfere with my life and now that I'm starting to get help for it it feels like it just keeps getting worse and worseand I always going to feel like this or will it get better?
Panicked responded:
Hi. I understand what you are going through. My panic attacks generally happen at night and I feel alone and scared. I try to distract myself from the attack by turning on the tv or going outside for some fresh air. Sometimes breathing into a paper bag helps ( I always keep one on hand). I've also found that the more I worry about having an attack the more likely I am to have one and then it just kind of snowballs. Try walking or exercising if you are able. If you're at all like me, just knowing that I am not the only one having them makes me feel better. I hope this will help you in some way.
swdhkay replied to Panicked's response:
It does help knowing I'm not alone! I just feel like this is all to much to handle. I've been trying to distract myself its just so hard and for the last couple days I can't do anything without my heart feeling like its going to explode. And of course now I'm obsessing over that which I'm sure isn't helping. Uggghh screw anxiety lol

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