My Effexor Nightmare
An_252586 posted:
I have been taking Effexor for five years and have been on 225mg for the last three years and it has now stopped working for my depression. The Doctors I have been to seem to have no good answer on how to get me back to level ground. I have tried lowering my doses very slow and it always seems to have severe consequences when ever I reach a a lower mg of Effexor no matter what other medicines they give me. At this point in my journey I have very harsh withdrawl symptoms and it seems as if I will just have to deal with them and hope I have the strength to outlast them. This drug is very dangerous and in my case has left in worse mental health than when I began taking it. I strongly urge anyone taking this drug to consult their doctor for another method of treatment and guidance on how to quit effexor immediately. With hope and strength we can find the way of life we new before this evil drug stay strong.