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is it panic disorder or bradycardia
glennik2007 posted:
hello everyone. I am a 34 year old male. I do have bradycardia. when I am sleeping my heart goes as low as 47 bpm. not long after I was diagnosed with this,maybe 6 months. I started having things go wrong with me i.e., feeling of passing out, a hot flash feeling, shakiness of hands,occasionally heart beats fast but only has happened about three times, trouble breathing. that was all about 2 years ago. the doctor ran blood tests everything has come back normal and after talking with me thinks it has something to do with panic attacks. sometimes I have been in wal mart and all of a sudden I feel the passing out feeling and I have the urge to get out of there before I faint. it can happen while im watching tv reading a book. a lot of times it happens when im usually relaxing. sometimes happens at work and I have to go home. im tired of living this way. sometimes I am awoke from a sleep instantly feeling like I am going to pass out which I have called the ambulance numerous times. when they get there all my vitals are okay bp is 121/75 most of the time. I started seeing mental health. they put me on klonopin 0.5. I noticed that when I take it I have symptoms still come on but they subside pretty quick with techniques I have learned to try and calm myself down. everything effects people in different ways, but damn what is going on here, does it ever go away? does anyone out there think that the bradycardia could be causing it? I am 250 lbs 5 foot 11. I don't eat salt cut back on sweets and caffeine. some other symptoms I have forgot to mention is that every now and then I get a lump in throat feeling then I will dry heave vomit maybe a little liquid and then I relax and i dont feel anxious anymore and can continue. there may be some days where i go 2-3 days just feeling a weird feeling like dizziness but i continue to work i try to not let it get me down. does anyone else experience this or these type symptoms
rohvannyn responded:
Did you have the symptoms of low heartbeat for a while before it was diagnosed, or did it come on rather quickly? I wonder if it's not the symptoms of bradycardia doing it, but rather the diagnosis.

I've heard of anxiety symptoms and panic attacks going away so it's not forever for everyone. Some people are eventually able to get control of their symptoms. I've seen some have great luck with things like meditation and breath control, positive self talk, and/or therapy, and others have luck with medications, still others doing well with changes of diet. It's different for everyone but a solution for you is out there.
glennik2007 replied to rohvannyn's response:
had bradycardia diagnosed first then anxiety symptoms diagnosed about 6 months later. I didn't have those symptoms when I was diagnosed with bradycardia. and when I feel symptoms come on I try breathing techniques and sit in front of a fan with cold towel to cool me off and that works and the symptoms go away.
sittingbull594 replied to glennik2007's response:
So... Apparently bradycardia is a low heart beat?? I know for me I have a kind of tacharydia that is caused by a defective or lack of valve in my heart. My throat always has closed for over 15 or more years by itself and I always wondered why!

I also have anxiety and have been there with the panic attacks. Now I just have thorazine when needed and I also have learned to bare down as in a bm to get rid of the throat closing. I don't know if that is advisable for you or not.

I know for me I never new for all these years I had a heart problem until my uncle died and I had to have a heart study and found out that I have this problem. Go figure always was having issues with breathing and heart racing etc. many things happening and now I know it was because of heart.

It does help to do breathing techniques. If you really want to make sure PLEASE see your doc.
lou_heubisch responded:
This is a bit late but I have been having some similar symptoms. Two months ago I felt dizzy and went to local urgent care, they told me that my heart rate was very low and admitted me to the ER. They did blood work and sent me to a cardiologist who said that I was completely fine. My HR when sleep went down to 27 BPM but still they thought I was completely fine. The following weeks my resting HR jumps around from 50-60 BPM and I haven't felt the same since. I get shaky, extreme fatigue, mental fogginess, and general aches. It's been tough to deal with but I am coming a long. Did the doctor ever tell you you're diagnosis?

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