My friends anxiety
An_252763 posted:
My best friend Patrick was the most social outoing person I know. Recently he's changed, sometimes he cries uncontrollably and can't explain why other than that he's very scared. He can't do public places, otherwise he gets really stressed sometimes. When we were stuck in traffic, after a while he got really stressed and his hand trembled uncontrollably and we had to pull over. In a movie theater he kept taking cigarette breaks till we had to leave. He seems last trusting than before, and is slightly paranoid that people think he's going crazy because they've heard about incidents like the one above. He knows the stress and anxiety he feels is not normal but it still won't go away. He's seeing a psychiatrist that prescribed Klonopin. What might be wrong with him? and as a friend what can i do to help?
subtleNae responded:
just be there to support him. when he starts to panic get him to see its not real and he's safe. feeling safe is most important.